Al Belvedere Ristorante Pizzeria


Pizzeria Al Belvedere,
a restaurant with a beautiful viewpoint overlooking Golfo Aranci
and where the panorama literally takes your breath away.

The restaurant is located a stone's throw from the old fishing port, in the heart of the town. Our restaurant is ideal for all those who want to taste an excellent traditional pizza, savor typical sea and land dishes and for those who are curious to learn about - by Pizza Chef Gianmario Ghisu - the restaurant’s specialty: the scrocchiarella pizza.
The restaurant is located a stone's throw from the port of Golfo Aranci, a very convenient location before boarding or upon your arrival in Sardinia.

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The outdoor veranda

In the heart of Golfo Aranci

The outdoor veranda The outdoor veranda

The best way to enjoy a good meal

Let yourself be immersed in the summer nightlife of the town by choosing a table on the outdoor veranda.
The view of Piazza dei Delfini, the pedestrian crossing and the market next to it, will provide the experience of an "Italian" lunch or dinner.


The best traditional recipe

Our pizza is made using the best traditional Italian recipe, letting the dough rise for a long time in order to give lightness to the finished product.
We enrich our selection with three new types of dough: Dough with flour with cereals, wholemeal dough, scrocchiarella pizza alla pala. These flours differ from the traditional 00 flours due to the minor refining to which they are subjected during grinding, and therefore maintain a high number of nutritional properties, such as fibers, mineral salts, proteins. These bring benefits to our body, providing lightness and digestibility, also due to the greater amount of water with which they are processed.

The specialty

Pizza scrocchiarella, our specialty!

The Roman-style pizza, called 'scrocchiarella', is a rectangular, narrow and long pizza. This peculiar shape makes it very suitable to be presented for large tables of relatives and friends!
It can be seasoned with different ingredients, but its main characteristic remains its crunchiness, which gives it this more slang name of 'scrocchiarella'.
Pizza Chef Gian Mario Ghisu, after several years of studies on leavening, has created the scrocchiarella pizza with different types of flour, leavening and flavors, providing you with a different and innovative experience!

Trattoria restaurant

Between tradition and experimentation

Al Belvedere restaurant boasts a menu with a wide range of Sardinian wines and tasty and savory recipes. Thanks to the passion of Pizza Chef Gian Mario Ghisu, the dishes are revisited in a contemporary way, unique in their kind, preserving the tradition but adding new flavors.
The cuisine of Al Belvedere Restaurant is inspired by the fresh and refined products of the territory of Golfo Aranci and the best regional and Italian selections.

The Pizza Chef

The Pizza Chef

30 years of experience in the food sector

Gianmario Ghisu, owner and pizza chef of the Pizzeria Al Belvedere restaurant in Golfo Aranci, has been working in the pizzeria sector for over 30 years. Over the years, his marked resourcefulness has led him to become a scholar of maturation, leavening, and all the chemical changes that occur within the pizza dough. Its dough that most differentiates it is that of the Scrocchiarella 'Pizza in pala'. Thanks to his dedication and working techniques, Gianmario was ranked 1st in speed in the Pizza championship in Sardinia in 2012.

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The Pizza Chef

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Lunch: 12:00/15:00
Takeaway 18:00/21:00
Closed Monday

Via Libertà, 63
07020 Golfo Aranci (SS)

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+39 0789 184 1514

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